Is My Husband A High-Functioning Alcoholic?

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One of the best ways to help your husband is by seeking support from loved ones. You could ask other family members and friends to come to your aid; be open and let them know what is happening if you trust them enough. Relationship therapist for him to overcome his alcohol addiction. If your answers to these questions are yes, then you are likely in need of intervention services to help him overcome his alcoholism.

how can i help hubby overcome alcoholism

Make sure that you are not doing anything that bolsters their denial or prevents them from facing the natural consequences of their actions. Enabling occurs when someone else covers up or makes excuses for the person who has a SUD. As a result, the person with a SUD doesn’t deal with the consequences of their actions. Don’t allow the disappointments and mistakes of the past affect your choices today—circumstances how to overcome alcoholism have probably changed. You don’t have to create a crisis, but learning detachment will help you allow a crisis—one that may be the only way to create change—to happen. It’s common for someone with AUD to try to blame their drinking on circumstances or others around them, including those who are closest to them. It’s common to hear them say, “The only reason I drink is because you…”

Rehab & Support Groups

He is also a cop and is arrogant and thinks hes above the law. When i started to implement tough boundaries and get off the merry go round his behavior got worse to me!!! I pay for the bills but stopped putting the whole check in the bank for his cash cow that enabled him to buy his friends drinks at the bar.

  • If your spouse is alcoholic or your wife or husband is drinking too much, go with them to their meetings and recovery support group to show that you are indeed with them on this journey.
  • On the other hand, if you’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship full of lies, arguments or abuse, it may be best to leave.
  • His drinking is ruining his life & he’s taking me down with him too.
  • You can help your loved one find healthier ways to reduce their stress level by encouraging them to exercise, confide in others, meditate, or adopt other relaxation practices.

However, certain food groups also have benefits when it comes to helping with the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and detoxification. You have to manage the majority of household responsibilities because your partner spends a significant amount of time drinking or being sick from drinking.

Never Take Someone Else’s Alcohol Abuse Personally

That is why alcohol detox and alcohol withdrawal treatment is administered by medical professionals. Seeing you drinking can also make it difficult for your partner to give up alcohol. They may tell themselves that if you are drinking, it is okay for them to drink, too. Furthermore, your partner may feel that you do not support their recovery if you continue to drink. Although it may not feel like your place, it’s not unreasonable to ask your significant other to get help for their addiction.

How do you get someone to drink less?

  1. Choose a time when your loved one is not drinking and you're both calm and focused.
  2. Express your concerns in a caring way.
  3. Encourage your loved one to open up about the reasons why they're abusing alcohol.

Know you’re not alone and there are MANY other people struggling with their spouse’s addiction. We can help you find Al-Anon or alternative support group zoom meetings for you as an outlet.

Rehab Programs

Using alcohol in higher amounts or for a longer time than originally intended. Some people who drink excessively may not be able to hold down a job and end up being poor or even homeless. Communicate with your partner and point it out, including how it is affecting you and your lives together. If you never talk about it, your partner may never know how disturbed and concerned you are by it.

how can i help hubby overcome alcoholism

Further, that may eventually be the case, even if it isn’t right now. The group can give you a place to get social support and encouragement from others going through a similar situation. A support group such as Al-Anon Family Groups may also be a helpful source of support when you have someone in your life with a drinking problem. In other words, their behavior, rather than your reaction to their behavior, becomes the focus. It is only when they experience their own pain that they will feel a need to change. Often, in trying to “help,” well-meaning loved ones will actually do something that enables someone dependent on alcohol to continue along their destructive paths. What might seem like a reasonable expectation in some circumstances might be totally unreasonable when it comes to someone with an addiction.

The Effects of Substance Abuse

If you are searching for ways to carefully discuss your spouse’s drinking or support an alcoholic husband, there are a number of steps you can take. Alcohol Use Disorder is a progressive illness that can gradually but dramatically change a person’s behavior. Being in a relationship with someone who is struggling with alcohol abuse can feel confusing and isolating. You may begin to notice differences in their behavior, and over time, these differences can affect your trust in one another and have negative consequences on your relationship. Committing to getting sober and seeking treatment for alcoholism takes courage. Yet, often times, those struggling with alcohol may not immediately be receptive to discussing treatment or admitting that they have a problem. If your husband isn’t yet ready to seek treatment, don’t be confrontational.

How Do I Help A Recovering Addict or Alcoholic? – Addiction Center

How Do I Help A Recovering Addict or Alcoholic?.

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Your loved one’s recovery can be a long process, so you need to maintain a balance in your life. Dealing with a loved one’s alcohol problem can feel like an emotional rollercoaster and take a heavy toll on your health, outlook, and wellbeing. It’s vital that you stay safe, take care of your own health, and get the support you need. Residential treatment or “rehab” facilities provide intensive treatment for alcohol abuse or addiction. Your loved one resides at a special facility for 30 to 90 days and receives treatments such as detox, therapy, and medication.

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